Excuse my embarrassing old art… here’s some Dean concept work! 

Dean is actually an older character of mine, from a different story called Preludes and Fugues. Dean is a dreamwalker, so he can go into people’s dreams and change things (like he did in Icarus with Kolya).

At first he wore a lot of dark clothes with patterns and stuff, and he was more of a teenager; but I didn’t really like that after sitting on it for a while. The dream ‘world’ (and where all the Ancients live) is basically just all white, so he’d stick out like a sore thumb! This was also before I really settled on what the Ancients were; I had an even older character who was one of them and was a seer, and he wore more beige-y earth tone colours so I was rolling with that, but since their purpose changed, so did their colours.

The Ancients always had bird names, but other than that didn’t really have anything to do with birds… so I went literal, haha. Dean’s real name is Oriole, so he has the colours of a Baltimore Oriole, like Ptichka (Cardinal) should really be wearing reds. 

Also, in his own story, he didn’t have a face for most of it. There was a while where I wasn’t sure whether or not he was a separate character of his own, or if he was a dream interpretation of another character in the story - but either way, Ancients aren’t really supposed to show their faces, so it all works out.

Fun facts: he’s named ‘Dean’ because the character who interacts with him in the other story was watching a lot of Supernatural and it was the only name they could think of, lol

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