Icarus Giveaway/Contest!

So, I have some Icarus stuff from Fan Expo. I have prints, charms, and pins!  

I thought it’d be fun to do a little giveaway/contest. So let’s do it!

Icarus is my little webcomic about an aspiring inventor who wanders too close to the edge of the world and becomes involved in the politics of the magical forest dwelling people who live there - namely, he becomes a babysitter for a seven foot tall magic teenager who just wants to go home. And a friend. He guesses. Whatever. That kid’s a weirdo.


Ok, there are two ways to win stuff, because I like makin shit complicated FUN!!

Regular Way!
If you just want to like/reblog, that’s cool. You get one like and 5 reblogs. That gets you: one 17x5 print of your choice, one 4x6 print of your choice, 1 charm of your choice, and all four pins. (Or if you live somewhere shipping is super crazy, a commission! Yay!) The winner will be picked randomly.

Fun Time Fan Way!

You can do some fun fan stuff to get entered to win everything, and more! Woah! Do up some fanart, or a fic, make a little soundtrack thingy, headcanons, cosplay?! Whatever you want. If you’re not sure if what you want to do fits, just send me an ask! This is also picked randomly, so don’t get all stressed out or anything. You also get the like and the reblogs, if you want to use them. w/e w/e do what you want.

If you win this way, you get: all prints, all charms, all pins, and an Icarus comic about whatever you want - within reason, don’t get all creepy boner fanfic time on me here! If you live somewhere I can’t ship to, you get two commissions and an Icarus comic about whatever. It’s a bummer that I can’t ship everywhere, but I still want to give people stuff! ;A;

It is probably easier to send whatever you to do me by email at, because tumblr sucks at sending people stuff. Send it to me with your tumblr username attached and a link to the post (if you post it on tumblr) because I’ll reblog all the entries either here or on the comic tumblr. You get free promo out of this! Yeah!

The giveaway ends on November 14th. YEAH!

A message from Anonymous
ate u calles harrowdownhill cause im confused :s and your pretty cool by the way :)

I am kind of confused by this message myself lol!

I am our/hospitalvespers - this tumblr is for my comic called Icarus! The title of the tumblr is Harrowdown Hill because I like that song and it was an inspiration for the comic.

Also thank you!

Hey guys! Here’s some music. I always like having little soundtracks for stories I do, whether it’s songs that influence the story, ‘theme songs’ for characters, plot related-ish things, or just stuff that I listen to while I work on it. I’ll leave you guys to try and figure out which this is!

I’m so sorry for this hiatus, I feel really bad! I thought I’d be able to do little things on the side but even that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen too frequently (although I’ll definitely try when I can). I’m getting more comments on the site now than I was when I was actually working on the comic. :P Now that I have no time to draw comics, I have like four running through my head I want to work on. Bummer!


clickety and full size please

terrible-ideas: go go go


Icarus at

Comic tumblr at

Artist tumblr at

If you are not reading Icarus you are seriously missing out on the best thing ever.


messy as heck


messy as heck

A message from Anonymous
I'm a bit new to tumblr, so I may not know how everything works yet... but as excited as I am to see new Icarus sketches on tumblr, I can't read them most of the time because the comics are so small. I click on them, but the comic just gets smaller. I try zooming in with my computer screen, but the text is all blurry. What am I doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong, no worries! Tumblr is super weird with resizing their image stuff. It used to be that if you clicked a small picture, it’d open full size in a new tab, but they seem to have decided that everyone has huge monitors and made everything popups. It is not a good look.

If you click an image and it pops up as its own little thing, try right clicking it and choosing ‘Open image in new tab’. That’s usually what I do, and it makes the picture full size again.

I know that’s kind of super inconvenient, and I totally hate it too, but there isn’t really much I can do about it from my end. ): I hope that helps though!